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  In partnership with you, we develop a sustainable, responsive communications strategy built to deliver maximum ROI. And yes, numbers matter: we base strategies on facts and case studies, not gut feelings, and advocate testing and analytics at every applicable step.    

Consult services for pre-launch companies and/or products

For the venture that's not yet funded or not yet brought a product to market, defining both internal and external communications strategies may never be more crucial than right now. Seemingly small oversights can quickly mushroom into significant problems. And a company or product that's a great idea can fail to launch at all if messaging to potential investors and customers is not clear, professional, and powerfully engaging—all of which are most effectively achieved via a communications plan that's tightly focused, yet flexible enough to easily adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

Contact us for an initial discussion of communication elements that should commonly be under consideration for a pre-launch company or product.


Consult services for young (1-10 years) companies

The young company is growth-oriented. Past marketing communications efforts may not have netted desired results, and/or, there is a desire to "reach the next level" coupled with some uncertainty about the best way to get there. The Ilumina Group assesses past and current communications and works in partnership with the young company to refine or develop strategies relevant to the company's scope, goals, and identity. In some cases, consultation with The Ilumina Group results in the discovery and enthusiastic implementation of new goals and visions—naturally, we're delighted when that's the case!

Contact us for an initial discussion of your young company's communications growth and development possibilities.


Consult services for established (10+ years) companies of any size

For the established company, growth, public image, intracorporate communications, and identity or branding may be concerns. Or, specific departments within a larger company may have communication challenges unique to their function. Recent or upcoming product or service offerings may face messaging challenges similar to those faced by young or pre-launch ventures. The Ilumina Group can offer assessment-oriented consultation, or, can develop a strategy relative to a specifically identified concern.

Contact us for an initial discussion of how The Ilumina Group can discover your company's untapped communications opportunities.


Consult services for non-profit or not-for-profit organizations

Not-for-profit organizations face unique communications challenges. While most ventures deal with multiple audiences, the non-for-profit may be required to communicate effectively with widely disparate groups—donors, the public, sister organizations, regulatory bodies, populations served— on a restricted budget. The Ilumina Group partners with not-for-profit organizations to develop unique strategies that take these challenges into account without sacrificing results.

Contact us for an initial discussion of how The Ilumina Group can develop a creative communications strategy for your organization.

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