Elusive identity? Corporate split personality? The Ilumina Group will shed light on the situation—consult us.
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  The Ilumina Group offers identity services and tools that carry your presence and your message across multiple channels. Whether you're developing all-new branding or updating old looks, The Ilumina Group has the resources and experience to distill your core identity into a single unforgettable image or expression.    

Logo assessment, development, & design

A logo is the image that speaks a thousand words. The composition of your logo, your font choices, and the color palette all communicate crucial messages about your venture and its offerings. Put your best face forward: The Ilumina Group stands ready to help.

Tagline assessment, development, & design

Taglines offer an additional and powerful elucidation of your chosen message to the world. Fun, quirky, thought-provoking, descriptive—whatever the flavor, a tagline is one more way to make a memorable mark in the world.
Identity Suite Tools

Letterhead, stationery, presentation templates, style guides, signature blocks

Identity suite tools ensure that your identity is presented consistently and broadly across multiple channels. Ask us how we can put a suite together for you—and find out about the results you can expect to achieve.
Identity Development

Clarify your marketplace presence

Clearly expressing who you are in the marketplace while meeting customer expectations can be a delicate balance. The Ilumina Group offers identity consultation and development services backed by market findings. Contact us for more information.
The Ilumina Group.
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